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Hi. I’m Becky Rawling and as a Wellbeing Coach I’m trained to empower people. It’s my passion.

In February 2018 you will be able to access my all new website and see the various Coaching Packages, Wellbeing Workshops, Retreat Days and Mindfulness activities  that I can offer you. I’m excited about the opportunities we can have to work together. I can help you…

Deal with change

Manage stress

Live to your full potential

Explore how mindfulness can be one of the best skills and attitudes in your well being tool kit.

I will guide and inspire you, to move towards the life you really want to live. To thrive, rather than just survive. I will support you on your journey and help you develop effective techniques, for those difficult times in life. I’ve been through times like these myself. I never imagined that one day I would be glad that they happened; but I am. They are the reason I trained as a Well Being Coach.

Learning about Mindfulness and using it daily, as part of my treatment for depression, is now one of the highlights of my life. Out of the darkest times, can often come the best of times.

I’d love to help you embrace change too…

We are currently updating our courses and will upload new ones shortly.


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